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Snapshot in Time - prostate massage, intuitive massage, armour, takes a village

The recent fire in the building next door to where I work left me with a little time to take stock of various things in my life. The last week or so I've been reading through lots of writings and documents on my Google Drive. I came across the content of my previous website 'Bodywork 403'. I realized that the words I wrote and published over two years ago could be thought of as a snapshot of my journey, which described where I was at on my journey at that point. Lots has happened to me personally and professionally since I wrote those words, but I feel much of it still rings true. So I have decided to share that content as a blogpost today. You will probably notice that I've kept a fair portion of it and use it in my current website.



"Maybe you are searching among the branches for what only appears in the roots" - Rumi

About Me

Lily Morley

I've had a few different names in my life, to go with the many hats I have found myself having to wear, but I've settled on 'Lily' because it feels right. It's short for Lilian, the name my mother gave me when I was born on 11th November, 1976. Morley is not my legal name, but a name I have a deep connection to, nonetheless.

I live in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. I'm a mother to three awesome children, two of whom still live with me in a little house near 13th Street. In 2008 I moved from England to Canada. I left a very good job as a music teacher but I knew that I needed to be in Canada, mostly so I could be close to the round hay bales you see on the prairies, but having family here was a big draw too. I am Canadian by blood.

Music plays a very big part of my life, it always has. I sing and play the bass in a couple bands. In July 2014 I took off my shoes and decided to not put them on again. Living without shoes has been the single most motivation factor to making self employment work for me and my family. I have no issues with being bossed around, I just never wanted to be forced to wear shoes again. Funny what drives you in life, eh!

Writing has crept back into my life in recent years. It's always in the first person, and always from my heart. If you want to know more about me and my story I think the best way is to read this website, check out my blog, scroll my Facebook posts, and my Instagram pics.

I've had an interesting journey to where I am now. Some roads have been difficult but I have always known that they were worth walking. I am who I am today because of all the decisions I made, all the decisions that were made for me and all the experiences and events along the way.

As for thank yous, there have been so many important people in my life that have helped me with my various missions and endeavors keep that I don't want to start naming them all, the list is endless. They know who they are. I suppose the people I do want to acknowledge the most are my children. They have kept me grounded, and together our roots have grown deep and strong. They are doing ok considering they have me as a mom.

You should know that I cry a lot and I laugh a lot. I have a tendency to go off on tangents in the middle of a conversation, and unless I'm tired I'm usually able to return to the point in question. But my biggest strength is that I listen. Hard.


Prostate Massage for better prostate Heath

Therapeutic, Beneficial & Natural

Men deserve healthy prostates so I want to normalize prostate massage for better prostate health - I know, it's a big ask.

Even with international campaigns to bring prostate health awareness to the world the prevalence of prostate cancer is still increasing and men are still suffering with problems arising from their enlarged and inflamed prostates.

Prostate health and what a man can do to actively look after their prostate is still not a common topic of conversation. This needs to change. Society has slowly got more comfortable talking about breast cancer prevention and breast health, we need to do the same for prostate health. Keeping the prostate as healthy as possible will help reduce problems down the road.


I have helped many couples and single people take practical steps to start incorporating prostate massage into their lives. The whole thing is not as daunting as you would first think. I promise.​ Those who book a 'class', a better word might be a 'coaching session' need to have an open mind and be ready to hear about the nitty gritty of all aspects of prostate massage.

I talk mostly about the health benefits of prostate massage, the safety things to consider before diving in and I'll share the many tips and tricks I have collected over the years.

This type of massage has been an interest of mine for many years and is one way to improve overall prostate health. I am very experienced in the practical side of things and I have been educating myself on the science and theory behind the improvements that are seen by those who have started to incorporate prostate massage into their lives.

Prostate massage may be helpful for a range of issues. These include:

  • Prostatitis - painful, inflamed prostate​​

  • Urination problems associated with having an enlarged prostate (benign prostatic hyperplasia) eg multiple trips to the washroom at night, having to pee suddenly, weak urination flow, difficulty starting to pee.​

  • Recurring lower urinary tract infections due to not being able to empty the bladder fully when urinating.​

  • Low libido ​

  • Some types of erectile dysfunction / loss of morning wood

  • Painful erections or pain when ejaculating ​​​

There are a few conditions that make prostate massages inadvisable - eg hemorrhoids, rectal fissures, epididymitis, vasculitis and active prostate cancer.


If you are interested in Eastern philosophies you may have heard that the prostate is the centre of the Sacral Chakra and that by massaging it you are opening it up and helping to remove any blocked energy. It is in the prostate that they believe a man's stress and worry about their masculinity and role of a provider accumulates. Concerns about sexual performance and any shame or guilt about their sexual identity or orientation are centered here too.


An in-depth conversation is required upon initial contact. This can be done on the phone or in person. This is when you can share 'your story' with me. From there we will talk about the situation and discuss your options going forward. Please see Booking page for more details.


I am aware that for many people who contact me it might be the first time they have spoken about this part of themselves with anyone. I admire anyone who seeks out ways that may improve their health. Especially if it takes a bit of courage at first.



Intuitive Bodywork

I've been massaging people my whole life. I was jumping on my mum's back at the age of two because she knew that it eased the soreness.. In my late teens I realized that the way I massaged people was different. I read peoples' bodies differently. For many years I thought I was feeling muscle knots but now I know these 'knots' were in fact points of blocked energy. When my fingers hover over these areas of congestion I feel a pressure in my head and my eyesight changes. I press down on these points until the pressure in my head subsides. This allow the energy to flow again. It's all about energy. It's all about flow.

It is thought that when stress and trauma in a person's life is not processed adequately at the time, the stress energy settles in the the body. Over time all these blockages form a kind of protective armour around the person. The term used to describe the removal and dissipation of these blockages has been described as 'de-armouring'.

When this armour is unblocked many people say that the feelings and emotions of the traumatic experience that created the blockage in the first place, are experienced again. The return of these feelings can me minimal and unidentifiable, but for those who have experienced a lot of trauma in their life, these old emotions can be intense enough that they need to process it again. The big difference this time round, though, is that they can be felt and dealt with in a place of safety, acceptance, understanding and love. As a person chips away at their armour their true, authentic self starts to emerge.

At the end of any kind of energy or bodywork session the person often says they feel lighter and have experienced a sense of release - and relief. They feel a sense of clarity. My personal, somewhat unique, style of massage is a blend of relaxation, and therapeutic massage, deep tissue massage and reflexology with the addition of my de-armouring techniques.

I have completed Reiki Level One and Two and often incorporate this healing modality into my massages if my client is open to it. My work dances around the practices and principals of Tantra and Taoism. My extensive experience in the world of BDSM and sadomasochism cannot be dismissed and must be acknowledged as an integral part of my journey to who I am today. An openness to accept the role of a person's chakras is helpful but not a pre-requisite when booking a session with me.

As each client is unique so too is each session. Sessions are tailored to each client and I am prepared to use any or all of the techniques I have spoken about..

Next Steps

You have found yourself interested in booking a session with me. Please read and take in what I say on this page. It's important. Intention is everything. Our intentions need to align. No progress will be made, no healing can begin if our intentions are not discussed thoroughly. I ask my clients to come to me with an open mind, a willingness to heal and an understanding that true healing takes takes time and lots of personal work.

It 'takes a village to raise a child', goes the well known saying, but this idea rings true for adults too. One person cannot be responsible for fixing everything. For the sake of your health, your mind, your body and in turn your life, you need to connect with the many people and opportunities for healing that present themselves to you.


I prefer initial contact to be via email but if you need to get in touch with me in a hurry then please feel free to call me direct on my cell 403.###-@@@@. If you are not prepared to speak with me on the phone in person I am unable to agree to seeing you in person. We both need to have a sense of each other before we meet. This phone call also allows us an opportunity to ask and answer any questions we may have for each other. I accept calls from private and unknown numbers but won't return the call or reply to a text unless you say it is ok to do so.

True healing takes time. You cannot expect to see instant results after one bodywork session, after one de-armouring session or one prostate massage. I recommend committing to 3 or 4 sessions after which you can decide if booking another session is worth your while. Having said that if you want to book a one 'stand alone' session then I am 100% ok with that.

Sessions are two hours long but sometimes can run as long as three. This kind of work cannot be rushed. Conversation and discussion before, during (if appropriate) and after your 'treatment' plays an extremely important part of our time together.

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