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Required Reading for All

In November 2022, I completed my Tantra Practitioner training in Vancouver. Completing the course was only one step in my journey on my path of striving to live (and work) a heart centred, Tantric principal led life.

The book above was one of the number of books on our required reading list. I thought I knew about 'sex' when it came down to body, anatomy, arousal, orgasm etc... Nope. I knew lots but I feel slightly ashamed about how much I didn't know. I knew more about male anatomy than I did about my own.

This book should be on EVERYONE'S required reading list for life in general. Every woman, (vagina owner, yoni owner) would benefit from reading this book AND anyone wanting to be sexual with woman would be doing themselves a favour by reading this book. No wonder it was a best seller for so long.

I have been able to incorporate much of what I took from this book into the journeys into the area of sacred sexuality healing sessions with yoni owners.

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