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"My healing session with Lily helped me see connections to my past that I had long forgotten, but was holding inside my body. Lily has the ability to embody and reflect the suffering she sees before her, and the skill to dislodge and transform stuck and stagnant energy. This was a true gift on my path to healing. If you are interested in dynamic, somatic healing Lily can hold space for that process."


Lily is the most non-judgmental human, she holds the most amazing space. She has a unique connection to spirit that enables her to navigate both realms. When you feel guided to a healing with her know that you will be getting way more than you bargained for. The transformation and reconnection throughout your body-mind-spirit is profound. Lily is real and authentic. She is a healer that does the inner work so that she can provide the most clear, intuitive, accurate and divine session.


I’ve known Lily for over six years now. I have heard many reports from other people I knew about her gifts and abilities as a healer. This summer, I reached out to her because I needed some healing myself, and was fortunate enough to have two sessions with her. I don’t say this lightly, but those sessions have been a life-changing event for me, even after the first session, I felt myself being changed and transformed for the better. After the second session, I can’t even completely describe the weight that was lifted off of me, and the feeling of being renewed and refreshed and healed. Many people have also noticed the change in me, and again, I don’t say these things lightly. I am a healer myself, and I come from a family that have been shamans for many generations. Lily’s gifts are profound and intense and powerful. Anyone who experiences a healing session with her I would consider to be quite fortunate.

Christopher Scipio RH

Herbalist Holistic Viral Specialist

Professional Member of The American Botanical Council


When I booked a treatment with Lily I didn't know what to expect. I had met her through a friend, and was inspired and intrigued by her story. She had Introduced us to the spirit she had been channeling. I could see she had spiritual gifts, that she is able to channel spirits from beyond our physical world. The spirit she Introduced us to felt ancient. You can tell when she is channeling because her voice changes and begins to speak in a different language. I knew I needed to book an appointment with Lily. It was something magical and unique that I had never experienced before. The spirit she was channeling felt familiar. Like a long lost Mother/friend. Someone who knows people here are suffering, and need to connect back to what is sacred, what is true. She felt familiar, she felt like home.

I had no idea what to expect when I booked an appointment to see Lily. I just knew intuitively that this was truly needed on my healing path.

I was nervous for sure. But I knew that Lily is kind and caring, so I decided to trust and to keep an open mind.

She welcomed me into her space and through our heart centred communication, my walls and guards started to come down. She provides a safe space to explore your pain, and you just know instantly that she holds your pain in a space of kindness and non-judgement.

After we had our chat I undressed for our appointment and Lily then began her treatment of massage and energy work. During the treatment she intuitively found all my "pain spots" and when she did, that's when the channeling began. It was as if these ancient spirits speaking through her, were speaking to my pain. Lily finds the trauma and is the conduit for its release. You no longer need to hold onto it. She began to shake and cry as the energy was released from my body, through hers.

All these painful spots were held in comfort and care. Because my guards and walls were down, it was easy to surrender and let go. The spirit "Missy" that was speaking through her, found my shoulder pain. She felt like an ancient mother. Soothing a wound from many lifetimes ago. It was during a past life-time when I was a man. A warrior. And I had failed in that life time, miserably. In my shoulder I carried an astral wound. I was carrying my shame and pain from this lifetime so long ago. The ancient spirit spoke to my pain. She soothed me there and it felt like a mother welcoming her child back to the light.

It's hard to explain all the Magic of Lily. It is from far beyond the physical limitations of this world. It is an ancient memory, forgotten medicine.

When I left that evening I felt so light and connected to myself. It was like waking up from a long nap remembering a lost piece of myself. My shoulder felt brand new. Like I had pressed a reset button. Sometimes we have pain that doesn't seem to go away. We try everything but it still remains. After that night, I had personal experience in releasing physical pain rooted in the spiritual realm.

It made me feel more at home with myself, the earth. It awakened me to the importance of community, to family.

It felt like this ancient spirit has come to teach us, to help us remember what we have lost. She's calling us home.

Female in her 30s

"As a person who has known Lily for years, I had no apprehension with the idea of coming to her for massage. If you do have any doubts perhaps I can help. Lily has a very unique style, energy and ability to put you at ease. She genuinely wants to help you as well as learn from you, your body and the experience you will go on together.

Massage and touch are effective and legitimate means of care and healing. What you will experience with Lily will go beyond what you are likely to ever experience with anyone else. As she moves her hands over your aches and pains and massages you like anyone else would, you will experience something very unique. She will respond to the pain and trauma that is locked in those sore spots. She is very likely to groan, gasp or even cry. Do not be alarmed. Go with it. She is releasing that which ails you.

I found it mystifyingly reassuring that she was vocal and reactive to my pain and trauma. While I had held back all the tears and pain and buried it, she gave voice to it. She helped me access that trauma and find a road to releasing it. This is not to be taken lightly or taken for granted. Lily has an ability that is beyond the norm and I would recommend that if you are considering going to Lily for a massage that you absolutely go for it!" 


"I’ve been seeing Lily for the past four years. Rather than talking about her techniques and approach to her work, I’d like to focus on her integrity in her treatment of the people she works with. I’ve always felt valued and appreciated when I’m around Lily. She has always displayed honesty and compassion with me and I’m sure this attitude extends to all her clients . I believe that in order for this type of relationship to work properly, the client has to absolutely trust their therapist. I know she doesn't consider herself a therapist but I consider her my therapist. This, I believe, is where Lily shines. Her dedication to openness and complete transparency makes it easier to relax and trust the process. I believe this approach has been instrumental in my healing and progress. I owe her a huge thanks for making this progress possible. I’m very confident that Lily’s way of working will resonate with many people."


"My wife and I met Lily back in early 2008 and have been friends since that time. Around 2010, I started with pain in my left shoulder blade. It gradually got worse until I finally went to see my doctor because it was affecting my ability to work and sleep properly. I was given the usual painkillers and anti-inflammatories. Then after a couple more appointments came the x-rays and ultrasound scans which showed nothing. But there was no denying I was in great discomfort. Following more doctors appointments I then started on treatments with physiotherapy and massage, then chiropractic and even some acupuncture treatments, none of which helped.
On a visit to Lily's, my wife mentioned to her how bad my shoulder was. Lily being Lily, within half an hour she had jumped into action and was working on my shoulder with massage. This happened on three or four more occasions. I can't say I noticed anything different from the other massages I had received but I definitely noticed the improvement in my shoulder. I have not had any further pain in my shoulder in over eight years and no longer need any medication for it."


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