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Podcast - Conversation on Exploring Tantra

A couple years ago an awesome couple invited me to be a guest on their podcast 'Kinky Cocktail Hour's, to talk to them about prostate massage. I wasn't used to talking about my work and felt very nervous, if I'm being honesr, but their energy and manner of questioning was great and I was put at ease pretty quickly. They did a good job of editing out my mumblings and 'errs' n 'umms'!

Then a few weeks back they invited me on their show again for a update. I was hesitant but I agreed and this is the finished product so to speak. I'll share the link for that first interview below. I talk about my journey to Tantra, via Reiki, my discovery of armour and dearmouring, and then my digging into embodied trauma.

For the record. I really don't like listening to my own voice, never have. I don't like my accent and how my intonation has changed since living in Canada, but I can't help it, I've lived around Canadians for 15 years so it's to be expected.

Podcast - February 2023 - Exploring Tantra

Podcast February 2021 - Prostate Massage

(I have to correct myself on two points that I made in the podcast interview the Tantric word for penis is the 'lingham', it is also called the 'wand of light', but the main word is lingham. The other thing i stated incorrectly was that I said that kundalini is stored in the Sacral Chakra, when in actual fact it's the Root Chakra, my mind was darting all over the place at the time. )

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