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​Reiki Healing (Usui)

Reiki energy is Life Force Energy, it is intelligent and will go where it is needs to go in your body, mind or spirit. Reiki can be practiced long distance so if you are unable to see me in person you can still book a Reiki session with me.  You remain fully clothed and have the option of a gentle hands on or hands off Reiki healing. Up to 90 minutes.


Your investment - $75


​​Intuitive Massage and Bodywork

This type of body work session is intended for relaxation, to increase blood flow, to reduce body pain, and to bring about an improved sense of well being.​​​​​​​​  I use a blend of Swedish massage, deep tissue, reflexology and self developed dearmouring techniques. 

Your investment - 45 mins - $50, 60 mins - $80, 90 mins - $125​




Tantric Massage & Shamanic Sexual Healing


This is based on ancient healing practice originating in the East at least 3000 years ago. Most of which originate from Taoism, Hinduism and Buddhism.  As the practitioner, I use touch that represents earth, water, fire, air and ether, in order to clear energetic blocks in your body. This increased flow encourages Kundalini Shakti (Life Force Energy) to rise up through your Chakras resulting in a heightened sense of clarity, a higher state of consciousness, a more sacred connection to your body and to your higher self/the Divine.  


Sessions are ceremonious in nature. Meditation, breath work and intention setting are important elements of your Tantric 'Journey'. Touch is only ever one way, from me (the giver) to you (the receiver). I remain fully clothed at all times. Tantric massage can include genital massage (prostate, lingam and yoni) both external and internal. I work with all genders and all body types. 

The vast majority of clients who see me for Tantric massage and/or shamanic sexual healing suffer with various types of sexual dysfunction and other issues 'down there' (male and female), as well as those who have experienced sexual trauma in their past and/or for those who want to forge a better relationship to this part of their body. Informed consent and boundaries are discussed in great detail. Sessions are 2-2.5 hours long.

Your investment - $250 per session,  or 3 sessions for $600 (I recommend each session two weeks apart) 

If you are a couple who would like to know a little more about how to incorporate Tantric massage and principles into your relationship then please get in touch.  I do not consider myself a teacher of Tantra but I can give individuals and couples guidance and advice of many aspects of Tantric touch, including prostate, lingam and yoni massage.

You need to know that you are more than welcome to have someone present with you. I am proud of my work and how I help my clients and if having moral support makes it so you will come to see me then I want that to happen. 

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