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Even Healers Need Healing

I’ve known Lily for over six years now. I have heard many reports from other people I knew about her gifts and abilities as a healer. This summer, I reached out to her because I needed some healing myself, and was fortunate enough to have two sessions with her. I don’t say this lightly, but those sessions have been a life-changing event for me, even after the first session, I felt myself being changed and transformed for the better. After the second session, I can’t even completely describe the weight that was lifted off of me, and the feeling of being renewed and refreshed and healed. Many people have also noticed the change in me, and again, I don’t say these things lightly. I am a healer myself, and I come from a family that have been shamans for many generations. Lily’s gifts are profound and intense and powerful. Anyone who experiences a healing session with her I would consider to be quite fortunate.

Christopher Scipio RH

HerbalistHolistic Viral Specialist

Professional Member of The American Botanical Council

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