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Healing Sessions

All sessions include elements of ritual and the setting of intentions. Sessions are never goal orientated, being open to what shows up is important as it the ability to surrender to the present moment. Anyone considering a session with me needs to understand that I work with Spirit. This is something that may not sit well with everyone. This other worldly element of the bodywork parts of sessions can be very intensive and emotional on my part, or both our parts, but it's my reality and needs to be acknowledged here so that nobody's time is wasted. My healing work is very individual to me, it is all approaches that have helped me on my healing journey. I am not aware of anyone who works with clients like I do.  

The following is a basic list of healing practices, modalities and approaches that I am able incorporate into healing sessions.  

Reiki / Chakra Healing / Aromatherapy / Intuitive Massage & De-armouring / Sacred Telling of your Story / Meditation, Breath work and Prayer / Elements of my training as a Life Coach and Death Doula

Shamanic Sexual Healing, Sacred Sexuality & Tantric Massage - can include genital de-armouring & massage, but don't have to - Yoni, Breast, Lingam & Prostate

So... if you would like to invite me on your healing journey...

• Read my website, including my blog, then get in touch via my contact page when you are ready. We will arrange a brief telephone conversation (no charge) prior to meeting in person, to see if our intentions align and that we are a good fit. There is no pressure from me for anyone to book a session with me after our telephone conversation - NONE.  I am a firm believer that my clients will intuitively know whether or not it is right for them or not.

• All sessions are either talking only, or a mix of talking and then body or energy work.

• As a new client, our initial session together will include going over some groundwork, getting to know each other, taking stock of your situation, discussing your options moving forward, and a Reiki healing session so that you can experience how I work and benefit from some Reiki healing. 

• My availability is EXTREMELY limited. I require a non-refundable part payment of $50 at the time of booking in order to secure the room for us. I will explain my availability in our initial telephone conversation. This is included in the overall session fee.  

• I'm rarely able to agree to last minute bookings. I need as much notice as possible to make sure I can prepare my room and myself for our time together.

• Each client decides what level of dress or undress they feel most comfortable with in any bodywork sessions. I am always fully clothed. 

• Touch is only ever one way, from me (the giver) to you, the client (the receiver). I'm guided by the principles of the Wheel of Consent. Please look up 'Wheel of Consent.

• I like to touch base with my clients a day or two after their session with me to check in on how they are doing. Oftentimes things get brought up during the healings that need processing or at least to be acknowledged.  I offer everyone who sees me an open line of communication after their session. 

  • I highly encourage anyone who sees me to find a friend with whom they can talk to about their time with me. For what it is worth, I am open to being in communication with my clients' other 'healers' and 'helpers', or even having those people, or partners be present in a session. This is not a request for this to happen, but I'm just saying if someone needs morale support then I am okay with that.  Whatever it takes.

Shamanic Sexual Healing, Sacred Sexuality & Tantric Massage

Journeying into the areas of Sacred Sexuality, Shamanic Sexual Healing and Tantra as healing modalities, is something that we can talk about in your Introductory Session.

Tantric touch and massage works by removing energetic blocks, and the expansion of activated sexual energy/ life force energy (Kundalini Shakti) up through a person's Chakras to a higher state of consciousness and to a new level of connectedness. 

As for blocks in the Sacral Chakra, these blocks are sometimes the result of unwanted sexual touch at ANY age, shame and other negative emotions around sexuality and sexual expression, the perception of oneself as a woman or a man, sadness surrounding the loss of an unborn baby by way of miscarriage or abortion, or the realization that you are no longer or never will be a parent.

These sessions can lead to deeply, intense sessions as far as bringing up your past and answering questions about your present. So with this in mind we need to discern whether or not this is right for you, and that you are ready for it on a personal level.  I strongly advise committing to three sessions if you are wanting to experience the healing powers of Shamanic Sexual Healing and Sacred Sexuality. 

There can be zero expectations on either of our parts during these types of sessions.  Due to the spiritual, shamanic nature of my sessions I am unable to offer a Tantric massage as a standalone offering, like other Tantra guides in other locations, may be able to.

Examples of the benefits of exploring Sacred Sexuality and Tantric massage into your healing journey can include - an increased connection to your own body and sexual energy, the removal of energetic blocks all over your body, for men - symptoms of erectile dysfunction and prostate issues can be alleviated, in women the general health of the area as well as conditions that arise there, eg vaginismus (painful sex), vaginal dryness, difficulty in reaching orgasm, increased libido, stronger orgasms and last but certainly not least you may feel more connected with your Higher Self / Your Divinity and / or The Divine, however you interpret that - The Universe / God / Creator etc.



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My Availability 

Sunday - All day

Monday - All day 

Tuesday -  7pm - late

Wednesday - 7pm - late

Thursday - 7pm - late

Friday - 7pm - late

Saturday - 7pm - late

I can realistically only see one client per day and currently a maximum or 4/5 per week. 

I prefer all communication to be via email with exception of the initial phone conversation and any text messages or calls on the day of the session. 


Sessions: My Availability
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