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Body, Mind & Spirit Healing

Helping you find flow

There are no college courses or diplomas out there for everything I’ve learned in the past decade or more. My knowledge and skill set is the result of a combination of experiential instruction, self directed study, a handful of completed courses which opened my mind up to things I couldn't have learned on my own, wonderful mentors and hundreds of open minded and trusting clients.

My Approach: Text


De-armouring & Somatic Healing

Embodied Trauma & Stuck Energy

When a person (or animal) goes through a stressful or traumatic event its body is flooded with energy and different chemi

Over time all these blocks form a kind of protective armour around the person. ​This armour does its job of protecting the person in the short term, but in the long term it can start affecting their lives on a physical, emotional and relational level.

"Living in a state of suspended animation."


Some examples the effects of embodied trauma are

  • chronic pain, anxiety, depression, 'not having enough spoons'

  • decreased immune system, poor health, increased inflammation

  • addiction to regulated, legal pharmaceutical drugs or unregulated, illegal street drugs 

  • workaholism, not being able to say "no"

  • relational issues, people pleasing, feeling disconnected, not trusting people


The imbalances of a person’s chakras can also be created by the same or similar traumatic or triggering events.

Somatic Healing

'Soma' means 'of the body', 'somatic' means 'relating to the body, as opposed to 'relating to the mind. Think about it, if trauma ends up in the physical body then for healing to take place it makes sense that these physical blocks need to be removed from the body.

The removal of the blocks allows the pent up energy to finally be discharged out of the body, this is Somatic Trauma Relief (also known as Somatic Stress Release, Somatic Trauma Therapy). Another term used to describe the removal of the blocks and the armour is called 'de-armouring'. There are a number of tried and tested techniques that can be used to provide somatic release. Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR), Tapping/Trauma Tapping Technique, Trauma Informed Yoga and massage are some examples.


As the armour is unblocked and the energy flow resumes, many people say that the feelings and emotions of the traumatic experience, stressful situation, that created the blockage in the first place, are experienced again. The return of these feelings can be minimal and unidentifiable, but for those who have experienced a lot of trauma in their life, these old emotions can be intense enough that they need to process it again. The big difference this time round, though, is that these feelings can be felt and dealt with in a place of safety, acceptance, understanding and love.​ As a person chips away at their armour their true, authentic self starts to emerge.  At the end of any kind of energy or bodywork session the person often says they feel lighter and have experienced a sense of release - and relief. They feel a sense of clarity.

You should not book a session with me if you are wanting a massage as you would have by an RMT.  There are hundreds of massage therapists willing and able to provide you with excellent massage treatments.​

My discoveries into unresolved trauma, Chakras, somatic healing & EFTs, were made because of MY journey. The somatic healing techniques have been developed over many decades of working with people's bodies.  

I have embraced many Eastern philosophies along the way, mostly because of how they acknowledge that humans are ‘body, mind & spirit’, the importance of ‘energy & flow’ and the effectiveness of ‘letting things go’.

I love massaging people. I love to witness them (re-)connect with their bodies. 

My Approach: Body


Holding Space, Mental
De-armouring & Speaking Your Truth,

I am able to offer a non-judgmental ear to my clients, all in the strictest confidence. Holding space for them is therapeutic and relieving on an emotional level.  Their story is what made them the person they are today.

Due to my lack of conventional education about the psychology of things I am not able to offer any type of diagnosis or suggest treatment. This is why my preference is to work with people who already have some kind of talk therapist or counsellor, or who, at the very least, are open to the idea of getting one if it seems necessary.

If a person keeps their story to themselves they have no choice but to hold on to any guilt.  regret, shame, disappointment, loss inside their psyche. Their unspoken truth becomes their mental armour, which all too often starts affecting them in various areas of their lives, especially in their relationships. Speaking the truth can be thought of as mental de-armouring. 

‘The truth will set you free.’ 

I used to think this was purely a religious quote, and I am in no way a religious person. Since gaining more awareness of my own story, my own triggering and traumatic events, and then talking about them, the story that has molded me throughout my life, became less and less my story. I let it go, I stopped letting it control my decision making, my boundary setting and my self perception.

The feelings of being ‘stuck,’ but not really sure why, faded. I now feel like I am in the driver’s seat, going forward, looking at my life in the rearview mirror. As time goes by, my past life is getting smaller and smaller. 

For me writing has been as effective as talking things through. The only difference is that instead of using my voice I'm using my words. That's one of the reasons people are often encouraged to journal.

Yes, my journey has been a little bit 'out there' and there are parts that I'm not all that proud of, but I take ownership of every single step. I am more aware, some things and decisions have some kind of explanation. So much of my past no longer serves me and therefore now it is merely a collection of memories.

My Approach: Mind


Reiki, Shakti, Energy Work as
Spiritual Healing

When I first started my Reiki training I was unaware that it is considered spiritual healing, or a type of faith healing. I learned quickly, though, that it is not associated with any one religion.  The personal work I had to do in order to be ok with this idea was worth it.  My faith in the power of Reiki, as a healing modality is strong, as something that heals the person on a spiritual level, especially in the role of a Complementary Alternative Medicine (CAM) ie when combined with other methods of healing.

Originally developed in Japan, by Mikao Usui in the 1920s, Usui Reiki is a healing technique during which the practitioner (me) acts as a conduit between the energy 'up there' (whatever it is that is 'up there') and the client (you). ‘Rei' means 'universal', 'ki' means 'life force energy'.  'Ki', 'Chi', 'Vital or Life Energy', 'Prana', 'Qi'. Reiki is thought to encourage healing and deep relaxation, on a physical, mental and spiritual level. ​​

I completed my Level Three Reiki Master /Teacher Level this year and look forward to continuing to provide healing Reiki to my clients. I am also offering Reiki classes if clients have been called to explore Reiki as a healing modality for self-healing or for healing others.​

A Reiki attunement is one way to start your own intentional healing journey, or it could be considered a beautiful addition to your own ‘healing tool box’. Remember ‘it takes a village’ so why not benefit from whatever ‘Universal Life Force Energy’ has to offer?

Early 2021, something very strange started, I either started speaking in tongues/channeling light language, or, I slowly started channeling spirits who do not speak English.  For full transparency, if this does not sit well with you (for whatever reason) I would rather you not book a session with me, because at times, this element of the healing I offer, is intense. I would be mis-advertising what my work entails.

In November 2022, I completed a two month course enabling me to become a certified Tantric practitioner. My path to Tantra and living a Tantric life was organic. Tantric touch involves the moving of a person's Shakti  energy up through the body, through the Chakras I am unable to offer regular Tantric massage as a 'on its own'  '

offering or service, due to the ever present spiritual element of my work.

My Approach: Spirit
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