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Lily Morley


“Hello, my name is Lily. I've had a few different names and labels in my life to go with the many hats I have found myself having to wear, but Lily resonates with me now, it feels right and it's here to stay. It's short for Lilian, the name my mother gave me when I was born on 11th November, 1976. Morley is not my legal name, but a name I have a deep connection to, nonetheless.  

My life has been, for want of a better word, extremely colourful. Some roads have been smooth sailing while others have proven extremely demanding, but I have always known that they were worth walking. I am who I am today because of all the decisions I made, all the decisions that were made for me and all the experiences and events along the way. 

Early 2020, gave many of us the much needed pause for some deep self-reflection. I had some healing to do, so started a period of self-directed study into different healing modalities and most significantly, the highly personal subject of embodied trauma and it's effects on my personal and professional life. 

In 2021, I gained my Reiki Master/Teacher Level. My clients benefit from my eclectic healing toolbox and my desire to see real change in their lives. As a certified death doula, transformational life coach, a life long intuitive massage & bodywork practitioner I have helped hundreds of clients find more flow, embrace change and feel more intune with their authentic self. 

My journey into Tantra began in the Summer of 2021 and I completed my Tantric practitioner training in November 2022. There's much more to Tantra than even I initially thought, so I'm so excited to see how I can help my clients who are ready to venture down the path of Sacred Sexuality and Tantra. 

I am from England, I have lived in Canada since 2008, have three children, and am active in the local live music scene. I am LGTBQIA2S+ & Lifestyle friendly. 


(Updated January 2023)


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