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Ola! Hello! Welcome!


My name is Lily Morley. There are only a couple of things in my life that I love more than massage. I've been massaging people since I was a young child, starting with my mum's back at like three or four years old. Bodies intrigue me. So many of us are in a constant state of disconnect and are starved of intentional touch. Sessions with me are as sacred as you are. You are worthy of feeling good in your own skin. As a client of mine you can be sure of having an embodied experience as you move through a range of emotions and feelings, all of which are welcomed and acknowledged in your session.  


Listening to people's stories is another part of my life and work that I am passionate about. I accept my clients, their bodies and their 'story' fully, and without judgment. Sometimes being able to speak your truth, to have your joy or pain acknowledged in a safe place is all that you need to be able to move through it. 

A few years ago I started channeling light language during sessions with my clients. Religious folk would consider this 'Speaking in Tongues'. I am not a religious person so the terms 'light language' and 'light codes' is an easier way of describing the vocalizations that happen in sessions. It's still a bit of a mystery to me to be honest, but it's a real thing, and you need to know that it can be intense at times. It seems to be some kind of sound therapy / sound healing that comes from either deep inside me or from elsewhere, up there (finger points to the sky)... 

The conclusion that I've made about what happens in my energy healing sessions, in regard to my physical reactions to my clients' energy bodies,  is that some of my clients' stuck energy moves out of their bodies, through me and then out of me. This energy is the energy from a time in their past when they were, for some reason, unable to express their emotions, often when they were in a state of shock or some other traumatic moment in time. 


I think I'm acting as a human ground. I wonder if it's just a matter of physics! Energy wants to move, emotions need to be expressed, and I seem to be a conduit for that energy. I quite literally seem to be crying the tears my clients were unable to cry in their past. It's been quite the journey and at times it feels like a blessing and a curse.  If I have not scared you off already, and you think that I might be someone you would like to invite on your healing journey then I look forward to connecting with you. 


Please know that my availability these days has been vastly reduced due to another work commitment in my life, so, I am not taking on any new clients until September. However, I am absolutely happy to book sessions with current and past clients over the Summer months in my wonderful, newly decorated space.  I'm an open book.  I have nothing to hide. If you have any questions please get in touch and hopefully I can answer them for you. 

Lily Morley


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